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Chronology of a scandal or why Google is doing its best to hide this site




Times Magazine: Einstein Person of the Century

For almost one hundred years, the educated American middle and upper classes had been told what a genius Albert Einstein was, even Nature published an article just on this and the Times Magazine voted Einstein 'Person of the Century', and now this was all supposed to be wrong? Against this backdrop, it must be seen what a shock the news was that Einstein's theory had been refuted by the discovery of the exoplanets, which clearly prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity as build on wrong assumptions. And this is the only way to understand how cautiously the US public is now being informed and why everyone tries to tell you now a different story as to why Einstein's  theory of relativity must be wrong in 2023/24::




TheConversation, Academic rigour, journalistic flair (Authors: Valerio Faraoni at Bishop's University and Andrea Giusti at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich):

"Why Einstein must be wrong: In search of the theory of gravity" quotation:   "Therefore, Einstein’s gravity cannot be the ultimate theory of gravity." prints the article of TheConversation as a reprint:

"The Case Against Einstein: Why the Physicist's Most Popular Theory Must Be Wrong"
"How Oppenheimer Proved Einstein Wrong About Black Holes - Inverse" reprints TheConversation-article ( is one of the major physics journals in the US):

"Why Einstein must be wrong: In search of the theory of gravity"

also reprints TheConversation-article:

Popular Mechanics May 9, 2024 (Popular Mechanics has biggest influence on the non-academic public in the USA)

"Scientists Found a Startling Glitch in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity"

The  Scientific American April, 9 2024 (Scientific American has biggest influence on the academic public in the USA):

"Could Gravitational-Wave ‘Memories’ Prove Einstein Wrong?" "On the other hand, we could really use a way to move past Einstein. We know that his theory is incomplete." "then we may have found a chink in relativity’s nigh-impervious armor, one that we might leverage and pry open to expose this cherished theory’s deeper flaws and put us on firmer ground for devising a better theory of gravity."

Lifescience :

"Newfound 'glitch' in Einstein's relativity could rewrite the rules of the universe, study suggests"

In England TheTimes writes on Feb. 23, 2024:
Was Einstein wrong? These British scientists think he might have been wrong "Scientists in the UK have made a giant leap towards proving Albert Einstein wrong"

BBC  24.10.23 “Einstein Was Wrong” New Study Of Universe Poses Fundamental Questions or see it on Youtube

The Newscientist has a whole lot of articles to this theme

The  Businessinsider on Apr 5, 2024: on June 17, 2024 : Einstein's other theory of gravity could have the recipe to relieve 'Hubble trouble'

many more here (this time it's the winners of the nobel prize who proved Einstein wrong) ......

if you want to read the real reason, see here...

It is absolutely unbelievable how primitively the people that Edward Snowden made public are trying to prevent this scandal from getting known to the world. When I edited this page and wanted to put it online, my entire screen went black and the computer became unusable. Only extensive changes later allowed me to upload this page.

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